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Newcomlab - Localisation Workflow


Stages and tasks in the localisation workflow

Localisation is the process in which the software and its documentation are adapted to be acceptable and understandable for the target market. This process consists of multiple tasks that include translation, localisation engineering, testing and project management.

Each of these stages are necessary to carry out the localisation of the product. Translation is just one of these tasks but the cultural and technical adaptation, the testing and the appropriate management of all the tasks are just as important as the translation itself.

The localisation workflow includes several tasks or phases, among which include:

Localisation workflow - Translation



The translation is an essential part in the localisation process and must respect perfectly the specific context and terminology of each document.

Localisation Workflow - Engineering


Localisation engineering is an essential part of the localisation process. After a translation is done, the source code and links of the application have a high risk of being changed or broken.

Localisation Workflow - Testing



Testing the localised product (software, website or any type of documentation) is essential to assure quality. In Newcomlab are committed to the highest quality of our projects so that the last step in our workflow is the testing of the localized product.

Localisation Workflow - Management


Project Management

The localisation project Management is essential for the Project to meet deadlines and respect the original budget. In Newcomlab, our project managers closely monitor the different stages of the project to ensure a perfect coordination between the various professionals involved in the localization process.


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