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The translation is an essential part in the localisation process and must respect perfectly the specific context and terminology of each document. A good translation will make the reader of a document or the user of an application think that the product has been produced in their language and is not the result of a later adaptation. Newcomlab works with professional translators who have a broad domain of their work areas and only translate into their native language. The result is a translation of quality, consistent and coherent.


Software translation involves knowing the specific terminology used in computer and the standard terms to apply, for example, for a user interface, a message or a table.


Online help translation involves using a standard and easy to understand terminology, that way the user will quickly and easily understand what the help wants to explain. Sentences should be short, concise and direct, without complicated explanations.



Web pages translation involves choosing the proper terminology according to the website theme. It is not the same to translate a sports website or an economics website. The translator must be aware of the context and adapt the translation to the public to which the page is addressed.

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