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Localisation engineering is an essential part of the localisation process. After a translation is done, the source code and links of the application have a high risk of being changed or broken. The localisation engineers are responsible for performing all software engineering necessary for the proper adaptation of the application, the help systems, the Web page and the documentation.


Localise software involves compiling and executing the application as well as adapting the size of the graphical user interface and all its elements to ensure visual consistency.


Localise the online help involves compiling and executing the online help system, check the format and appearance of each page as well as validating the navigation elements: tables of contents, indexes, searches and hyperlinks.



Localise web pages involves publishing the online content in the correct server, for all type of browsers, checking the content of each page, the format of the text and the graphics and ensuring the smooth operation of all the navigation elements: buttons, hyperlinks, tables and navigation buttons.

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