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Testing the localised product (software, website or any type of documentation) is essential to assure quality. In Newcomlab are committed to the highest quality of our projects so that the last step in our workflow is the testing of the localized product. We ensure that it meets all the requirements agreed with the client and everything works properly before making any delivery.


Software Testing verifies that 100% of the software has been translated, checks that all the texts of the graphic user interface fit perfectly in shape/size and are visible to the user. It also involves testing the functionality of the compiled application verifying that the localization does not produce any runtime error.


Online Help Testing involves doing a complete navigation of the help, making sure that all the links to each theme work perfectly. It also involves reviewing all the screenshots, charts and diagrams, making sure they are localized to the target language.



Testing of Web Pages involves doing a complete navigation of the site, making sure that all content has been correctly localised. Check that all links and hyperlinks of the website work and that the entire content of the page loads correctly when switching from one page to another are the main parts of this testing.

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