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Software Localisation

A software localisation process facilitates the adaptation of the application to a certain language and culture. In Newcomlab we want the user to feel comfortable with the application In order to meet the client expectations we take into account cultural, technical and ideological factors such as the adaptation of the keyboard, the date and time formats, the currency, the graphics and colors, the sound effects...Besides the translation, which is essential in this process.

The expertise of Newcomlab localisation engineers and the use of latest technologies make possible the implementation of the necessary changes for the total adaptation of your software.

Localisation workflow:


Preparation of the translation package.


Translation management.


Insertion of the resource files in the software and modification of the application so that it can be executed in the selected language.


Adaptation of the user interface elements.


Errors Testing and bugfixing.


Software testing for a total localisation.


Consulting services: Internationalisacion and localisation of software

A global market requires global software. It is essential for software companies to produce multi-language applications, but most of the software developers do not know the appropriate methods, technologies and tools for proper localisation and internationalisation.

The consulting service for software localisation and internationalisation of Newcomlab, provides efficient solutions. It is essential that from the earliest stages of software development, some programming methods are taken into account. These considerations will save time and money during the localisation process. Our expertise in developing multi-language applications will allow you to take the best decisions and will guide your development team through all the secrets of an internationalised application.

Your team will learn to distinguish software localisable resources:

software localisable resources



We enable the localisation of the software by using resource files so that the translation can be done without any modification of the application source code. This is a speedy, effective and dynamic solution that will reduce long-term costs.


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